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Constitution of
the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies

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The Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS) is hereafter referred to as ¡°the Association¡±.

2.1. The Association aims to promote the advancement of knowledge in physics in the Asia Pacific region, including research, application and teaching, especially through international collaboration in these activities in this region.
2.2. In furtherance of these aims, the Association may, upon authorization of Council, organize conferences and workshops, establish specialist divisions and subcommittees, and publish newsletters and journals.

3.1. There shall be two categories of Member Societies: Members and Associate Members; there shall be no individual members.
3.2. Initially the Members shall consist of the Physical Societies listed in Appendix A, which are the Founding Members.
3.3. Physical Societies within the Asia Pacific region bounded by Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Australia and New Zealand may apply to join the Association as Members or Associate Members.
3.4. Membership is open to Societies which represent broad areas of physics, a major specialist area of physics, or physics teaching at the university level.
3.5. Associate Membership is open to Societies not meeting the requirements for Membership, such as those representing physics teaching at pre-university level or areas considered peripheral to physics.
3.6. Council shall consider applications from Societies for membership and may, by majority vote, admit each applicant as a Member or an Associate Member.
3.7. Applications for Membership or Associate Membership from Societies not meeting the conditions in Clauses (3.3) (3.5) may also be considered at the discretion of Council.
3.8. Council may, by a two-third majority, terminate the Membership or Associate Membership of any Society.

4.1. There will be Ordinary General Meetings at intervals of no more than four years. The data and place if the Ordinary General Meeting shall be determined by Council and all Members and Associate Members shall be notified at least six months in advance.
4.2. Council may request the President to call an Extraordinary General Meeting at such date and place as Council shall determine, and all Members and Associate Members shall be notified immediately and at least three months in advance.
4.3. Each Member and Associate Member Society shall nominate one Official Representative to each General Meeting. Such nomination must be in writing, be signed by the President of the Society, and must reach the Secretary of the Association at least one month before the General Meeting.
4.4. Except as provided in Clause 7.3, at any General Meeting the Official Representative of each Member shall have one vote and the Official Representative of each Associate Member shall have no vote.
4.5. Members of Council shall attend the General Meeting but shall have no votes, unless they are the Official representative of Member Societies.
4.6. Council may invite other individuals to attend the General Meeting as observers without votes.
4.7. The President of the Association shall preside at the General Meeting.

5.1. There shall be a Council which shall make all operational, financial and other decisions for the Association.
5.2. The outgoing President shall be an ex officio member of Council for one term.
5.3. At each Ordinary General Meeting, no more than 15 and no fewer than 9 individuals shall be elected to serve as members of Council, from the beginning of the following year until the end of the year of the next Ordinary General Meeting. Any individual is eligible for election to Council, save that no more than 25 % of the members of Council appointed/elected under this Clause and Clause (5.2) shall come from one country or region, as defined in Bylaws.
5.4. The Secretary appointed according to Clause (6.7) or (6.8), if not already an elected member of Council under Clause (5.3), shall be a member of Council.
The Treasurer appointed according to Clause (6.7) or (6.8), if not already an elected member of Council under Clause (5.3), shall be a non-voting member of Council.
5.6. Council may co-opt individuals to fill vacancies on the Council arising from resignation.

6.1. The Officers of the Association shall be: the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
6.2. The President and Vice-President shall be elected by Council among its own members, and shall hold office during the term of the Council. The outgoing President shall not be eligible for re-election as President, and shall be responsible for conducting the election of the new President and Vice-President.
6.3. The election of the President and Vice-President shall be conducted at a meeting of the new members of Council following the Ordinary General Meeting, provided that two-third of the Council members are present. Otherwise the election shall be conducted by postal ballot. These elections will be completed before the end of the year of the Ordinary General Meeting.
The President or Vice-President may be removed by a two-third majority of Council.
If the office of the President becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice-President shall become the acting President until a new President is elected by Council.
6.6. The President shall preside at General Meetings and Council Meetings. The President shall report annually to Council, and at the end of his term to the Ordinary General Meeting, the various activities of the Association including fund raising, for approval by Council and the Ordinary General Meeting respectively.
6.7. The President shall propose candidates for Secretary and Treasurer and appoint them to the respective offices after approval by Council.
6.8. The Secretary or Treasurer may be removed by a majority of Council. The President shall then propose new candidates for Secretary and/or Treasurer and appoint them to the respective offices after approval by Council.
6.9. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a record of the activities of the Association.
6.10. The Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping the accounts of the Association, and shall submit a financial report annually to Council for approval. A financial report duly audited by an independent auditor appointed by Council shall also be submitted to the Ordinary General Meeting for approval.

7.1. The fiscal year shall start on 1 January and end on 31 December.
7.2. Each Member Society shall pay annual membership fees of one unit to the Association, at the start of each fiscal yaer. The currency and amount of the unit of the membership fees will be decided by Council annually three months before the start of each fiscal tear and notified to Member Societies. Associate Member Societies shall pay no dues.
7.3. Any Member Society which is in arrears in the payment of membership fees shall have no vote at General Meetings.
7.4. Council and the President shall make effort to raise additional funds in support of the activities of the Association.

Council may make bylaws.

9.1. Proposals for changes to the Constitution may be made by any Member in writing to the President.
9.2. If the proposal receives majority support within the Council, the President shall
(a) notify all Members immediately in writing and
(b) either schedule the proposal for discussion at the next Ordinary General Meeting or convene an Extraordinary General Meeting.
9.3. A change to the Constitution shall require a two-thirds majority vote of all those present and eligible to vote at a General Meeting.
(Revised on August 18th, 1997)
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