International Conference on Women In Physics 2014
August 5-8, 2014 l Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Canada

Summary Report on the AAPPS regional Meeting on Aug 6th, 2014,
Waterloo, Canada

[1] Report from Youngah Park

[2] collecting statistics (Cathy): By writing a letter to the president of each physical society, it is necessary to conduct an annual survey on both male and female members (say, every July)

[3] homeworks from last meeting (Massao)

1. recommend at least 30% in committee: reported to the Council meeting, did not get any definite answer -> will be emphasized and should be satisfied at APPC13

2. list female candidates for awards: Cathy will collect data from each member society,

3. success story – next gender summit 2015 in Seoul (Massao will collect data)

4. advertisement & communications – running webpage(target for next meeting) for WG activities : easy and plausible

[4] Kwek

collect success stories from member countries and post them on webpage

[5] Cathy

1. For raising traveling funds: make a wish-list for the names of people who want to attend and how much money will be necessary

2. In order to raise the percentage of the people within the committee, it is necessary to increase the number of woman council members: recommend to the general assembly of AAPPS

[6] Conference boycotts  because of lack of  female plenary speakers and committee members.

- recommendation if underrepresented and ask balancing and with no response or no correction then circulate the explanation.

[7] Prajvha

1. webpage for WIP in AAPPS

2. suggest the database on candidate for plenary or invited speakers

3. Cathy will post if country leader sends an information about speakers.

[8] Gender Summit 2015-Asia Pacific will be held in Seoul, 2015 September or October

- There will be a satellite meeting of gender summit 2015  for physicists.

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