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Historical Background

The followings are taken from AAPPS Bulletin Vol. 1, No.1, June 1991

1. AAPPS and AAPPS Bulletin

The Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies(AAPPS) is an umbrella organization having as its members the Physical Societies/Institutes in the region. It is devoted to the promotion of research, teaching and regional collaboration in physics.

The Association was founded in 1990 at Seoul, Korea when the Fourth Asia Pacific Physics Conference was held. Since then the series of the Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC) has been the Conference organized by the AAPPS. The interval of the APPC was two years in the beginning but it is held now every three years: Taipei in 3000, Beijing in 1997, Brisbane in 1994, Kuala Lumpur in 1992.

TheAAPPS Bulletin is the official publication of the Association, and carries both news items and review articles. It was launched in June 1991 through the amalgamation of two exciting publications, theASPAP News andAAPPS Newsletter. There were four issues in 2002. The Editor plans to publish bimonthly issues from 2003.

2. Message from C. N. Yang, President of AAPPS

This is the first issue ofAAPPS Bulletin, which is amalgamation ofASPAP News andAAPPS Newsletter.

Five volumes ofASPAP News have been published under the editorship of S. C. Lim, advised by an editorial board. It has received funds from UNESCO, ICTP and the Physical Society of Japan. It has been an eminently successful publication, first of its kind in the Asia Pacific region.

With the establishment of AAPPS, the editor and editorial board ofASPAP News, and the Council of AAPPS have agreed on the amalgamation ofASPAP News and withAAPPS Newsletter. It is believed by all that this amalgamation will broader and strengthen the base of the publication, and will emphasize the increasing weight of the Asia Pacific region in the worldwide ctivities in research and education of our discipline.

3. The First AAPPS Council

The First Council of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Society was elected at the First General Meeting in Seoul on 10 August 1990. Officers were subsequently elected/appointed at the First Council Meeting the next day. The Council will serve until the next General Meeting in the summer of 1992.

C. N. Yang:Hong Kong Physical Society
Vice President
M. Konuma:Physical Society of Japan
K. Youn:Hong Kong Physical Society
C. K. Chew:South East Asia Theoretical Physics Association

Council Members
S. Chandrasekhar:Indian Physics Association
Y. M. Cho:Korean Physical Society
H. L. Huang:The Physical Society located in Taipei, China
K. K. Phua:South East Asia Theoretical Physics Association
A. Salam:International Center for Theoretical Physics
B. C. Tan:ASEAN Institute of Physics and Malaysian Institute of Physics
J. Tsujiuchi:Japan Society of Applied Physics
G. V. H. Wilson:Australian Institute of Physics
Z. X. Zhao:The Chinese Physical Society

*The Treasurer is a non-voting member of Council.

Professor C. A. Hurst of the Australian Institute of Physics has been appointed and has kindly agreed to serve as the Auditor for the AAPPS.

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