Message from Chair
After the first international Conference on Women in Physics, Paris, in 2002, it has been worldwide recognized that it is urgently necessary to improve the situation of severe under-representation of women in physicsand to develop strategies to achieve equal participation in physics.

The first international Workshop on Asian Women in Physics was held in Pohang, Korea in 2005 for the purpose of developing the international network within the Asia Pacific region with similar cultural background and geophysical closeness. From that workshop, the resolution to establish AAPPS Working Group on Women in Physics was proposed to the 16th AAPPS Council meeting, which was held in April 3-4, Osaka, Japan with the endorsement of the proposed resolution, AAPPS Working Group on women in Physics was established with 6 founding members.

Since then our working group on Women in Physics have done many activities such as hosting regional WG meetings and strengthening regional networks.

I hope that we can together make a better world where women physicists are better represented and can make a more contribution to the advancement of physics and our global world.

Youngah Park

Chair of the AAPPS Working
Group on Women in Physics
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